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Maria Regina Sea Angels

CYO Swim Team

2016, 2017 & 2018 CYO Division C Champions

Head Coaches: Jim Kalinowski & Chris Muldoon

Team Coordinator: Helen Lamberti

Assistant Coaches: Mark Becker, Tracy Behar, Paul Brower, Daniela Coloma, Lisa Dreiss, Dominick Moreo, Kevin Murray, Susan Neuwirth, Ann O'Brien

The 2018 Season ended with the MR Swim Team successfully defending its Regular Season and League Championship titles.

We are competing in Division B for the 2019 Season.

Should you have any questions regarding joining the team, please send an e-mail to

Important Note: The Maria Regina CYO Swim Team is a competitive swim team.  We are not a "Learn to Swim" program.  Swimmers should be able to swim at least one full length (25 yards) without holding onto walls or ropes.  We ask that you refrain from registering your child for this coming season if he/she is unable to do so.  If your child is unable to do so at the first practice, your registration fee will be refunded to you.

The Meets run from January through March, with the League Championship held in the first week of April.

Boys & Girls, Ages 6-18. (Through Grade 12) 

Practices are conducted at Farmingdale High School.

Practices are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. They are never mandatory.

Monday and Wednesday Practices run from 8PM to 9:30PM.  (Swimmers aged 8 and under leave at 8:45PM.)

Saturday Practices run from 6PM to 8PM.  (Swimmers aged 8 and under leave at 7PM.)

If your child cannot make a meet, it is important to let us know ASAP. The coaches put a lot of work into the meet lineups--so again, if your child cannot make a meet, please let us know ASAP.

If you need to inform us on the day of a meet that your child will not attend, please call Coach Jim Kalinowski at (516)965-3200.

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This information is valid for the 2019 Season:

Ages are based on the swimmer's age as of December 1st 2018.  These are the age groups for the various races in the meets.

 8 and Under (U8) Born On or after Dec 1, 2009
10 and Under (U10) Born Between Dec 1, 2009 and Nov 30, 2007  
12 and Under (U12) Born Between Dec 1, 2007 and Nov 30, 2005
14 and Under (U14) Born Between Dec 1, 2003 and Nov 30, 2005  
18 and Under (U18) Born Between Dec 1, 2000 and Nov 30, 2003  (and not yet out of High School)

This information is valid for the 2019 Season:

The cost is $150 per swimmer (up to 2 swimmers). A team swimsuit is included in this. Families with more than 2 swimmers will only pay an additional $10 per child. So, if you have 2 swimmers, you would play $300. If you have 3 swimmers, you would pay $310. If you have 4 swimmers, you would pay $320. If you have 5 swimmers, you would pay $330.  Check or Cash ONLY.  No Credit or Debit Cards.  Please make all checks payable to "Maria Regina CYO Swim Team."

No other CYO swim team offers 3 nights of practice, and we are the only swim program that has to pay rent to use the Farmingdale High School pool.

It is highly recommended that your child have more than one swimsuit. The team swimsuit should really only be used for meets, while your child should have 1 or more swimsuits for practice.  Last year’s team suit can be used as a practice suit, as well.  However, websites like and stores like New Wave Sports in Massapequa Park have very affordable practice suits.  Please remember that the boys wear “Jammers.”  If we’re going to be a swim team, we need to look like a swim team, and bathing suits of the backyard pool variety don’t fit that bill.  And, when you buy a swim suit, please do not think about using it for future years and deliberately buying a bigger size.  Too big of a suit can cause problems.

Just as you’d invest in good cleats and gloves and bats (etc.) in other sports, we’d ask that you buy a good pair of “Competition” googles for your child.  2 pairs (“a pair and a spare”) are really recommended as goggles have a habit of breaking at the most inopportune times.  (We have had good experiences with the Speedo Vanquisher and now they even have ones with extra peripheral vision for under 20 bucks, but there are many good brands out there like TYR and MP.)  The important thing is to get away from goggles that are more fit for a backyard pool or come attached to a shirt that Grandma bought at Kohl’s.

We order SOME swim team apparel and merchandise through New Wave Sports:

Store Location:
107 Front Street  (directly across from the Massapequa Park LIRR Station)
Massapequa Park, NY 11762
Phone: (516) 541-7946
Fax: (516) 797-0048


Web Site:

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