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    General Meet Information


    How many Events are in a Meet?

    There are 58 events in a CYO Meet.

    Which Strokes make up these 58 Events?

    They include Individual Freestyle, Individual Backstroke, Individual

    Breaststroke, Individual Butterfly, Medley Relays, and Freestyle  Relays.

    What distances do the swimmers swim?

    The distances vary by age group with the U8's and U10's swimming 25 yards and those older swimming 50 yards.  Please note that the U12's swim 50 yards in their Individual races, but 25 yards in their Relay legs.

    How long do Meets run?

    Meets last a little longer than 2 hours.


    How are Individual Events scored?

    Individual Events are scored 5 points for First Place, 3 points for Second Place and 1 point for Third Place.

    How are Relays scored?

    Relays are scored 6 points for First Place, 3 points for Second Place and 1 point for Third Place.

    What is unique about CYO scoring?

    CYO rules prevent the sweeping of an event, so your highest total can only be 8-1 in an Individual Event or 9-1 in a Relay.  However, the swimmer or relay team must finish the race/not be DQ'ed in order to get that 1 point.

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